VR Exhibition Hall

VR Exhibtion Hall provides information and contents of 50 participating companies
through the virtual reality exhibition hall implemented in full 3D

Exhibition Period and Tour Method
- VR Exhibit opening: on October 21, 2020
- Tour Method: PC and mobile smart devices
Visitor Requirements
You must register to enter the VR exhibition.
※ The exhibition hall is free, available throughout the year after registering through the registration menu.
※ The virtual exhibition hall is optimized for the Chrome Web browser. (Download Chrome)
※ If you view the tutorial page before you start your exhibition tour, you will have a better understanding.

※ The virtual exhibition hall can be viewed on HMD (Head Mounted Display), but please note that a high-resolution PC monitor is required for proper viewing. [ Download the client ]

※ System Requirements
- Windows: Windows 10 64bit, Disk space with a minimum of 200GB
- PC Hardware: Intel or AMD Processor with a minimum of 2.9Ghz, Graphic card with more than 16GB RAM and Geforce GTX 2070, and disk space with a minimum of 10GB

※ Client ID : DCKEXPO / PW : DCK2020